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L E T T E R ­- Move Your Arse

I think this quote is such a great follow on from yesterday and I believe it so much. I had someone send me the loveliest message, and within it was a comment, “you are so lucky I wish I could have such a high-grade life like you”. It’s well-intentioned, and I don’t resent it at all to be clear.

I wanted to address it as I hear it so much, even though I could chat about this forreeevverrr, I’ll try to be brief. In essence, my message to you is that well, you can.

I believe in destiny, and I also believe that we make it for ourselves. I have had too many friends and students and people I have met in my life that have had horrific upbringings and experiences and in the face of all this go onto transform their lives in spectacular ways to deny our capacity to create anything. I also know a lot of people who have had utterly gifted lives filled with family, wealth and love and are, completely and utterly miserable individuals.

I have had more than my fair of unwanted shit cake on my plate, and I decided it wasn’t for me. So I learnt to bake. I learnt to change up all the ingredients of my life, and I learnt how to put it altogether differently. I learnt how to get clear, get creative and expand beyond what I thought possible.

I have been terrified a lot of my life, and confident at the same time which is, in all honesty, a very weird mix. I have taught myself to be brave, to take risks, to stand up for what I believe in and what I want and know my self-worth. I learnt (mostly the hard way, and am still continuing to learn) about boundaries. I learnt to show up, shut up and get on with it. I don’t believe talking for years about ones ‘deep inner work’ and engaging with a million self-development courses will help if you don’t do the bloody work. We must be brave (NOT fearless, fear is a good thing if we know how to work with it!!), authentic, vulnerable and a whole person embracing our humanity.

So yes, I am very lucky. As are you. We are in equal measure in charge of what we create in our lives. So get your hands dirty and get involved.

Sent with love,

Jac x

A few things…if you want some amazing inspiration, read Making The Impossible Possible by Bill Strickland. If you are seriously stuck, I do a very small amount of Private Mentoring Sessions. We also have a starter program called Be Your Best Self here you might like. And please note, the baking bit was metaphorically speaking. I have to say this as lovely folk will email me asking what baking class I took, bless. And my apologies, I know I can speak in a strange way!

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