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L E T T E R – New Beginnings

I meet a lot of people who comment they’re too scared to learn meditation because of what they might discover about themselves. When I push a little more for their perspective, and if they’re in the mood to be honest, it’s intriguingly all the same; “If I discover that how I am living life now isn’t actually what I want, or I learn I am pretending to be I am someone I am not, I will have lost all those years living like this, and I’m not prepared to face that”.

We should never, ever fear a new beginning yet I was sitting in the car with our daughter Marley a few days ago, on our way to buy her new high school uniforms. I was choking back tears as all of a sudden the whole transition seemed really big. No more primary school and adorable tiny indy kids running about. It felt weighty and monumentally big and I was haunted that I was going to lose her somehow. As we sat in traffic, watching ginormous almost adults walk by, high school seniors, she shared that she was filled with awe that she got to start again and create a new everything for herself in her life. I asked her how she was going to define that, and we spoke about her aligning to her most authentic self in a time when constantly trying on different personalities is the order of the day.

Official new beginnings feel like invitations, but I reminded her (and myself), that we don’t need official new beginnings to start living differently. We can simply make that commitment right now. We can shift and change and morph and move about whenever we like. That’s the beauty of being human.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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