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L E T T E R – Oneness

In Vedanta, an ancient body of knowledge from where our meditation practice originates, there is the concept that duality, separateness must be overcome, and then enlightenment is present once the embrace of oneness is fully embraced.

The idea that there is just one thing is a hell of a trip. One consciousness, energy binding us all together. Togetherness at it’s ultimate. Which we get stuck on because we think sure, I can see how I can be just like the person I love, or I can feel myself a bit over there. But definitely not Trump. Or that idiot at the coffee shop every morning. Or my mother in law. And so on…

However, I want you to feel into how you feel when you listen loudly to a song you absolutely love, when it feels like you and the music are intently one thing. Or when you feel like you are dissolving into the arms of the person you love with your hearts beating together. Or your child’s pain is yours, physically, emotionally, and you are in agony. The feeling of being at a concert and the energy of everyone there binding you together, pulsing together. The sense of anguish when the world collectively hears about the next shooting, as you watch in horror the news, fully aware that millions of others are feeling the same way, and that you can sense their pain too. The exquisite feeling of seeing a sunrise, or a full moon, and feeling a magnetic bond to the object and the experience.

Then we can begin to understand this oneness, and begin to embrace it absolutely everywhere we can, every day…

Sent with love,

Jac x

This song for me by Dustin O’Halloran is one of those experiences. Listen HERE.

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