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L E T T E R – Our Creative Capacity

Frequently people think ‘creativity = art’ and it’s time for us to broaden our horizons around this. Creativity is at play when we find a new pathway to walk down, whether with our lives or within our neural pathways. It’s when we look deeply into how we live, and question, is there a more dynamic or fun or wonderful way of doing this. It’s when we face challenges and we find solutions and stay curious and open as to the path through.

In our program Enhance, we have a whole module on Creativity, how to understand it, embrace it, value it and then use meditation and other tools and techniques to remove the blockers to creativity and also enhance it. This is one module very close to mine and Arran’s hearts. And the things within it are the very things we do to elevate our own lives.

I wanted to share one with you today from the Creativity Blockers section of Enhance. Inspiration attracts more inspiration, so do inspiring things. In your spare time, are your activities involving you being inspired or feeling creative? Or are you withering away your free time on social media? 15 minutes is 1% of every day. So if you take half an hour a day of free time and elevate it to be more creative and inspired, that’s just 2% of your day.

Perhaps you put Netflix on ice for a while or instead of looking at Pinterest or blogs, start photographing, painting, drawing and creating the things you love to look at from other places.

Perhaps it’s the way in which you deal with challenges at work, is there a new strategy you can employ, peeling back all the old paradigms of how you usually approach things.

Is your relationship suffering a creative block? Can you try something totally new, and put aside feelings of being worried about seeming ‘new’ and instead just be curious.

Can you parent with creativity? How can you bring some lightness and joy to the mundane tasks (there certainly are enough of them to deal with haha!) and infuse some lateral thinking into not just getting things done, but getting the kids involved.

Creativity is in the Being a part of the process of Doing. From this point, every single person has the capacity to be creative. The key is to trust this, and have fun with the process.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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