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L E T T E R – Our Ideas Of Truth

Authentic and inspired educational teachers, spiritual teachers, coaches, and mentors have so much to offer us. Yet they are not the ONLY sources of truth.

And when we shut off our minds and hearts to wisdom being available at all times, we miss out on the massive opportunity and gift that every day brings. One of my beautiful friends said on Monday to me, that she read something profound in all places in a Sunday newspaper lift out. I was lit up because she had accepted this profound truth, because it was powerful, regardless of the medium. I love finding something that cuts through all the noise in a Netflix TV series, not just in a spiritual book. Or sometimes as I am dropping my daughter off at a friends house, my friend on a balcony whilst it’s pouring down with rain will casually say something so deep it knocks the wind from me. It’s not just temples and churches, leadership groups, mindset coaches and in all the places we go to it. Truth is everywhere if we are open to hearing it. They don’t have to be religious teachers, or guru’s or anyone we might put on a pedestal of upholding powerful wisdom.

The second part to this is absorbing the truth. If it is true, it should feel true to us. One persons truth might not be ours. And when we accept blindly ideas around truth, because ‘someone special said it’ we are not going to experience the richness that is available to us when we find our own truth.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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