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L E T T E R – Perfecting The Fundamentals

Continuing on from yesterday’s letter, I wanted to talk further about commitment.

I study karate and it’s mind-blowingly frustrating because there are no shortcuts at all. You literally just have to keep practising. I know black belts who have been doing the same kata (karate sequences) for 30 years and are still learning. The thing is you do the same thing over and over and you begin to learn the endless subtlety of every movement, the philosophy, and physics and find your truth. I’m not there yet on any deep level, but it’s speaking to me in new ways every day.

The same is for meditation. Some of the key fundamentals of Vedic Meditation are no control, being soft and gentle, and letting go. I believe we can take these three principles alone and spend decades exploring them, within our sittings, and also outside of them, in our daily life. So the questions really are how deep is our commitment to being curious, to absorbing the experiences and to mastering them?

Sent with love,

Jac x

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