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L E T T E R – Pioneering Your Future

I absolutely adore this quote and have had it pinned above my desk for years. When I am stuck, feeling brittle and frustrated with trying something new that is in a moment not working, I turn to it. Just because it’s easier to continue old patterns and behaviours doesn’t mean it’s the best thing to do. We fall into the ruts our brains have created for us, repeating that which we know rather than creating new pathways. Sometimes because it’s easier, and sometimes because we didn’t know there was another option, or we didn’t have the tools to create new ways of living. We haven’t been shown perhaps more lateral and creative ways of living. We were not aware there were more expansive, curious, intriguing methods to employ, and we may not understand that the same mind that created the problems is not going to be the same mind to fix those problems.

We didn’t even know that becoming a pioneer of our own lives was an option. Well, I would love to help you become a pioneer of 2019.

There are a few more days to snap up our Early Bird Rate for our Elevate Workshop, which I will hold live online early January. It’s a bumper three-hour workshop that will also include a workbook for you to go through in detail throughout the Workshop, and also ongoing. Additionally, we have had so many requests to access this Elevate Workshop after the date, so if you purchase it now, we are going to make it accessible to all our Elevate students for all of January afterwards, and you can resit it as many times as you like for the month.

All the details are here.

The workshop with Jacqui regarding intention setting was so inspiring. I’ve always been one to think that I kept all my goals in my head and that was enough but writing everything down after working out what was most important to me in life was amazingly powerful. And distilling what my values for the year are was a perfect way to set up 2019” –Billie

Sent with love and excitement for this amazing opportunity to work together,

Jac x

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