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L E T T E R – Progressive Change

We have wired into our brains and bodies most of our reactions, thoughts, prejudices, and biases. We did so a long time ago, and we simply install them deeper with continuing to engage with that which is outdated. It’s not a conscious action, it’s just how we are in the world without attention and practices to bring ourselves into the present and expand our consciousness. In Sanskrit, deeper traumas, stresses or emotional baggage are called Samskaras, little grooves stored into the nervous system based on our experience of the world. Combine these two things together and we are usually moving about the world operating with a very outdated operating system.

When the mind transcends thought in meditation, and the body is in a deep state of rest deeper than sleep, we unwind these samskaras and re-wire the brain and body. This is why our Vedic meditation practice is so vital. It creates a daily experience of expansion and a new platform for us to operate on that gets updated every day.

When students exclaim that they can’t believe how over time how much they have changed who they are as a person to being more conscious, creative, clearer and more compassion, it’s due to this. I want to be clear, any meditation, let alone Vedic is not a silver bullet. But with a transcending meditation experience, progressive change happens to create lasting change. And it’s utterly delightful to look back in time to before we meditated and note all the shifts, all the upgrades, with curiosity and compassion. 

If you’re a student of ours I really recommend you come and resit our meditation course that Emily and I host, it’s our gift to you (ongoing) and you’ll really notice how far your practice has come and hear it differently the second time around. If you’re new to meditation and want to learn this lifelong technique with us, Emily and I both have courses in Sydney (Paddington and Palm Beach) over the next few months. Additionally, you can come to learn on our Byron Bay Retreat late Nov-early Dec. All course details are available on our site HERE. If you’re already a student of Vedic Meditation and wish to do our Bridging Course and join all our additional benefits including re-sitting the course, our online Integrated Meditation program, Rounding tuition and ongoing support, just get in touch.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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