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L E T T E R – Real Power

Being a recovering control freak and perfectionist, OCD, a Virgo and aaaall the other labels I could apply to my habit of wanting to tightly reign in outside events. I am really familiar with the process of wanting things in a certain way. It always ends in tears. It usually involves assuming people suddenly became mind readers, clairvoyants and can pre-emptively solve my problems, my moods and my needs.

If this is sounding familiar, then there is light on the other side. And it’s putting energy and attention into uncovering our responses and reactions to these events. Once we can understand our own processes, we can also understand that we aren’t bound by them. It’s these that creates the anxiety and the angst, not the events themselves. So it’s simply a re-direction of attention and intention. Then we can release the frustration or resentment, and relax into each moment. Which is the ultimate in presence – no control over the exterior.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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