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L E T T E R – Resilience

No human is born with resilience. Babies are small, vulnerable and incapable of doing anything at all for themselves, unlike animals, many of whom can walk almost immediately, swim right away, and are separated from their parents. Resilience and hard work are two things that are learned and can be expanded upon at any moment.

When we tell ourselves any story about why we haven’t got it as easy as that person, or have been born into different circumstances, we haven’t got what it takes, or, sadly, but simply we aren’t talented enough, we are weakening our system. Which is exactly what the ego wants. Any opening, any tiny sliver of light and it will dart in with its cymbals and drum to make a giant racket about how and why we are not enough. And we must through constant discipline build our resilience to our egos.

We must begin to recognise that we are not going to be successful based on a mysterious ingrained ability, but that hard work and discipline will build resilience to the knocks, and faster recovery to success. I have as I’m sure you have met so many people with natural talent that are a mess in their lives, and others that didn’t have much raw talent to begin with but have over time utterly honed a craft and gone onto achieve simply remarkable things with their lives. Owning this means we can get back up off our face after we have planted it there, and with much more resilience move forward.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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