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L E T T E R – Savouring The Little Success and a Key To Presence

As soon as I return from a holiday as I have this week, I can feel myself slightly panicking about all there is to do. A weird homesickness about being home, or the post holiday blues. With it comes a moving away from absolute presence like I had in Japan, for every little leaf, the sunlight, the way people moved, what I was eating, and walking the streets, and into a slightly faster pace. I am determined to instead take it slower, but it means absolute presence to the old programming of moving rapidly. It’s also challenging when living in a city where everyone else is steam training through life! The emails have piled up, the to do list is immense. Always though, whether now or in a few months time, it just keeps being shovelled along with us doesn’t it.

So this letter could also be titled Stop To Smell The Roses. It’s a concept that has been around forever, so I’m not sprouting anything new here. What I am seeing however, is a shift away from this. A ‘lack of time’ or an unwillingness to celebrate the milestones in our lives, let alone the daily successes as we’re so busy attacking or chasing the next one. Being goal oriented is something I would definitely recommend. But we need to be aware that if we are being so forward focused that we don’t take the time to savour success, we rob ourselves of a great pleasure. It’s one thing to have a success and reach a goal, and so much richer an experience to really relish it. Every moment in every day, even in the midst of a shit storm, there is a little plus happening. So let’s take today and really highlight all the little wins. Hot coffee? Sun shining? Deep breaths being taken, pauses in between activity, to acknowledge being simply alive.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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