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L E T T E R – Shadow and Light

When living a conscious life, it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. People sometimes think that they can walk a conscious spiritual path, and become immune to all life has to offer – including the challenging bits. Just because we meditate, live consciously, and make higher-grade decisions everyday that serves us, doesn’t mean we don’t experience anger, frustration, and envy. We are always going to be human, and even if we become enlightened, that doesn’t mean we lose our personality.

What stops consciousness from expanding, is when we become overly contracted. It’s when we experience one of our more human moments, rich with emotion, then can’t recover. We get stuck, caught in thought, and all tight and agitated. Layer in the idea that this shouldn’t happen to us because of how we live, and we become even more overwhelmed.

Living a conscious life is living one with inspiration and awe, it is softer and more graceful than one filled with aggression, demands and pushing, void of flow and curiosity. Compassion is something that we feel everyone is interested in, however as a practice, it can get confusing. Compassion isn’t blocking ourselves or numbing ourselves to the full spectrum of human emotion, in fact, it’s the opposite. It’s about expanding our awareness so that we can hold it all in. Think of a camera lens. When the lens is tightly focused, only a few things can fit into the picture. If this is anger or jealousy, there’s not room for much else. When we widen the aperture, bringing in more light and a wider view, those emotions can reside along with other more loving feelings and attitudes without overtaking the whole image. This is why conscious expansion is so important, for us to hold the bigger picture in our awareness at all times, so we don’t sweat the small stuff as much.

Part of this widening of the aperture is recognising we can’t ignore the stuff we might not like, deem ‘spiritual’ or ‘conscious’ and acknowledge and work with it, not just striving all the time for the good stuff.

We have a whole module within ENHANCE dedicated to Consciousness including an in-depth Introduction, Lesson, truly beautiful guided Meditation and also Consciousness Tools and how to remove your Blockers. This provides education, wisdom and inspiration along with practical elements grate this into your life. The Consciousness Module is one part of three, with Creativity and Clarity making up the other two parts. Students have ongoing access to this program and pace through and revisit as they need. Many are doing this every single day for 10-15 minutes, and some are diving deeper in their weekends. And that’s the beautiful thing about Enhance, you work at your own pace. Read more about ENHANCE here.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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