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L E T T E R – Some Notes

I have sat on this quote for some time. There seemed to be so many moving parts to it, each that I liked as a stand-alone… 

“Make Your Ego Porous”
A hardened ego is going to be very hard to break. It might take a very huge event, life-threatening or greater to begin to crack it open. A porous ego is spongy and soft and can be moved around, it can fit then into all sorts of necessary spaces. We try not to water it too much, but also understand it has a purpose and can drive us to do great things when aligned with our values and consciousness.

‘Will Is Of Little Importance”
We can have the strongest will in the world, but without clarity, consciousness, and alignment with our true purpose, sheer determination is of little help.

“Complaining is Nothing” 
It truly gets us nowhere. We know this, but breaking the habit of complaining is a challenge. One to really dive into and break and rebuild the neural pathways on.

“Fame Is Nothing’
Hard to believe in today’s climate, but more important to digest than ever before. Being renowned for creating something or making a difference is far more important than being famous.

“Openness, Patience, Receptivity…is everything”
If these three keywords were approached with curiosity, deeply understood, fully integrated, what would our lives look like?

“Solitude is Everything”
I take this as meditation. As you can meditate together but never ever can you truly share the experience. And the deepest dive you can make into solitude is to be beyond our thoughts and our identity”

Sent with love,

Jac x

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