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L E T T E R – Some Thoughts On Overwhelm

Wow, this weeks’ Letters seem to have really triggered a lot of thought and reflection from many of you!! So, in the acceptance of the overwhelm I felt this week, and the fact that I have not prepared a Weekend Edition, I am instead going to own it, and instead write you a Letter on Overwhelm. As I was overwhelmed with requests to dive deeper into this hahaha!

I am going to swap out the format and week’s bullet point thoughts. That always helps me digest information better.

  • When we are overwhelmed, returning to our intention is incredibly grounding. Getting clear on why we have created the situation that is giving us this overwhelm in the first place (usually because we wanted something) and getting clear on our purpose. Eg, we are caring for someone that is ill or elderly, because we care for them and love them, even though yes it’s creating a lot of extra working we are low on time. Or, we are running around like mad after kids and their activities because we want the best for them. Perhaps we want to build a new business and it takes a shit tonne of work, but we truly believe in this. The list goes on…
  • Then getting clear on reality is VITAL. For example, the reality might simply be that paying for caregiving of someone ill or elderly simply isn’t an option, so we need to bear the full load of taking care of that. Or the reality is kids do not need to do that many activities and we are burning everyone, ourselves included into the ground. Are we working efficiently and intelligently at said new business or is it a total mess? And then just chucking a big fat full stop at the end. We accept the reality and then make a decision from that place of acceptance. Cold hard truths stem overwhelm.
  • Overwhelm usually wears a thick heavy cloak of martyrdom. Check yourself that you are not overwhelmed because you think you ‘should’ do a bunch of stuff, but really just want a big congratulations from the world, rapidly followed pity party!
  • Also, ask are you overwhelmed and you actually don’t need to be. We get to create our realities. No one needs to live in fancy cities, send kids to private schools, bear giant mortgages and have heaps of social engagements and overwork to prove a point. Too often we are overwhelmed and it’s simply our own creation. Minimise. Simplify. And if confused get back to point two ­ check your reality.

I ran through this entire list yesterday myself. I got really clear again on why we are creating and upgrading always with The Broad Place. Our intention is so juicy and exciting. I was promptly rewarded by the universe with the opportunity to create an incredible experience for a family losing a loved one soon, and deeply realigned with what we are doing and why!

I also got clear with reality. It’s just tech stuff melting my brain into an omelette. I am frustrated because I want the best, but I also want it now. If we have to delay our launch again, the world is not going to stop rotating. I am still going to love and be loved by my family. The reality is also that we could 100% have The Broad Place continue just as it is, and love it, and enjoy it and reap those rewards. The reality is also that is just not who Arran and I are. We thrive in challenges, we love creating things, we love sharing and contributing. We have never stopped doing this our entire lives. So the reality is, we enjoy it, and that’s why we do it.

Through the beautiful messages coming to me, I also saw that I could be viewed as complaining which wasn’t my intention. I am simply attempting to share messages as they come through in my life and using it as a conduit. But, I am still super grateful for all the kindness! But honestly, I have little to complain about.

I sat in my garden yesterday with a tear stained face, and looked around at the trees and the sun, and noted the moon is so full. And Toofy snuggled into me harder. And Arran wandered out from the bungalow and sat quietly with me. And I breathed deeply and marvelled at the ways in which we can create so much internal suffering for ourselves through our perception of overwhelm. And then I headed back to my computer and all our internet issues which were now all fixed and put my head down in slowly creating the next chapter for The Broad Place. Which I will now calmly be able to share with you, whenever the heck it is ready, which is very likely, going to be off schedule hehe…

Sent with love,

Jac x

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