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L E T T E R from Jac Lewis- Subconscious Beliefs

Understanding subconscious beliefs is something we teach in our Integrated Meditation course as we peel back some of the subconscious beliefs students have about Integrated Meditation – we shouldn’t have thoughts/we can control our minds/it should be uncomfortable and I just work through the pain (the list is long)…
Many of us in the modern world have been programmed to believe that really hard work (effort) automatically equals success. Wouldn’t that be nice! It’s simply not true. Were it true the opposite would also be true – that if you didn’t try hard you don’t get success. However, when we are led by a belief like this, it colours all our experiences and challenges us in ways that we are not even aware of. 
Try sitting with this idea for the week, and understand how deeply ingrained it is in your work and home and personal life, even your spiritual life. That you gave to TRY really hard to make it work, to ‘make it happen’. Challenge yourself on if this is true for you and unpack it so you can understand and realign yourself more deeply into a life of flow. It’s not that we don’t try hard, or put in effort, it’s that we want to understand where the effort counts, and where it might not, so that we don’t simply burn ourselves into the ground through trying. 
With love,
Jac x

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