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L E T T E R – That Flat Spot

The idea that we are going to always be in the flow, thriving and creative is ludicrous, yet we catch ourselves frequently disappointed when flat, uninspired and feeling uncreative. I know I do. And, we have to really check ourselves because the big questions is, are we flat and uninspired or are we procrastinating under the banner of ‘not feeling it’?

One way to work out what’s really going on is to check if we are fatigued. If our bodies are tired, it’s really hard to channel creativity. Our bodies are the little carriers for our consciousness, it moves throughout our cells. And it is through this system that creativity and consciousness flow, with us as the channel for it. So if the body is exhausted, the whole system of flow gets clogged up.

Rest is imperative to creativity. Little breaks. Taking time out. Less output and more putting within. I am still learning this, even now two decades into dedicating my life to creativity, as secretly my ego whispers ‘you’re indestructible, keep going’. Which is a clear call to whisk me flat on my face sometime soon.

Sitting still in the midst of feeling frustrated and drained calls for bravery. It’s bloody uncomfortable. But needed, as the more we can absorb and calibrate for it, the faster we can move through it, and onto the next delicious phase of inspiration. It’s like a season, one precedes the next.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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