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L E T T E R – The Art Of Directed Attention and Stopping The Stewing

Something happens to us that causes upset. We stew and sulk and can’t help but tell people about it. With each retelling of the happening, we slightly alter it, either as our memory adjusts to each new version, or to gain a better or different reaction from the person we are speaking with. Ultimately we are altering our perception of history, and it gets further from the truth and foggier with each story. Proving that nothing in our really is set in stone, but it’s a construct of our memory.

Additionally, by focussing our attention on something distasteful, or plain awful, we are actually worshipping it. We are choosing to place all our energy and attention on it. It is in our minds, hearts and words, and therefore we are becoming it with each passing minute we devote to it. We must focus on letting go to the thing we are holding onto, a past event, some friction, a person and their actions that upset us, and talking about it, thinking about it, analysing it, as devoting our consciousness to something is worship, and event hatred can be worship.

I want to be really clear, this is not a message to accept bad behaviour, or allow people to walk all over us, or to not feel our emotions and be angry as needed. This is a call to stop layering even more suffering on top of something when it does happen. To stop the stew.

Where we want to put our awareness and attention is in the long term, is on that which is loving, that which is kindness. That which is filled with grace, and that which is conscious and expansive. What can we be grateful for when we find ourselves returning over and over to something that happened to us. How can we see the creative approach and dive into navigating through the situation? How can we sense the transience in it all?

Sent with love,

Jac x

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