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L E T T E R – The Bigger Questions

Around this time of year, Arran and I start formulating our ideas for the following year. 2018 was massive for us. It’s within moments like this when I am simultaneously over the moon excited and experiencing deep fatigue in my body and mind, that I like to go back over what we have created, and what we wish to create moving forward. We get really clear on what we want from life, and what life wants from us, individually, and together.

The reason why this is so important is to have a reality check and recognise the wins. It’s also important to dive into what worked and what can be refined. Where did we think small? Where did we think too big? Where did joy inspire us and infiltrate all we did, and where did we push too hard?

Arran and I have totally different work and creative flow states, and are essentially two entirely different people on most levels, as I find in a lot of partnerships personal and professional. So this recognition of what has been, and what we want to be is vital to keeping us aligned creatively and consciously. He is a tortoise and I am a hare. He is steady and unshakeable, whereas I can get easily smouldered with burn out.

This past year, Arran has been charging (steadily hehe) through so many incredible projects, working across the branding, creative direction and interiors around Australia and internationally. He does it all alone, from his bungalow in Palm Beach. He’s also my right-hand man at The Broad Place which is a grueling spot to be, let’s be honest! Through The Broad Place this year we have taught in Los Angeles, New York, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay, and hosted Retreats in India and Byron Bay, sharing meditation with hundreds of unreal people. We launched our beautiful online education platform the Classroom, which we built from scratch, along with our new website and refined branding. I have written my Daily Letter all year, and am working across two books, one small, one bumper. We wrote, recorded and created Enhance our new online meditation and education platform. I traveled to Japan for karate. I studied courses in the Creation and Removal of Karma, my karate practice, and Tai Chi and Qi Gong, as well started to learn to paint again, all for kicks. I traveled for weeks with our daughter road tripping up the East Coast of Australia which was hilarious and wonderful. And we are seeing our daughter complete Year 6 and move into High School next year. Let’s also not forget the best thing that happened to us all, we adopted our little derelict 13-year-old rescue dog Toofy.

On paper, it seems like an epic list and my jaw drops when I write all this. I share it with you as I want you to see what might be possible for you when you get really clear on what you want from life, and what life wants from you. We swim most days, paddle board, work from wherever we are in the world, we meditate every, single, day, and have most meals together. There’s also tears sometimes (mine), shit fits (mine) and exhaustion (both of ours). It’s not all rainbows when you create life exactly how you want it, or everyone would be doing it. Most drop out when it gets too hard and go back to the known.

So some questions for you to ponder and chew on.

How can you create what you want, and still be in flow? How can you be vulnerable and honest when you screw it up a bit? How can you find your Dharma, your purpose and align to it without compromise? How do you live a life filled with inspiration, creativity, and fun? First, you have to be clear (like brutally, honestly clear with yourself), then brave (this is so important, you can’t transform without it), and then chuck a lot of stuff that’s not working away. And then, you keep going with that same process. We call it the Audit, Edit, Refine process, the keys to living a high-grade life. 

Start putting things down on paper, and having the important conversations, and start today.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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