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L E T T E R – The Broad Aspect to Consciousness

What’s fascinating about consciousness is that it’s hard to describe, hard to quantify and yet everyone wants more of it. More and more people are referring to consciousness and how to ‘get more’ of it. Consciousness is defined in so many different ways, sometimes as a state of awareness, or the quality of that awareness. Sometimes as a life force that flows through everything, as ki or qi energy, or prana, meaning life force and consciousness is the stream of that. Being more conscious means being open to all the good stuff being a human has to offer, the love, kindness, compassion, gratitude, creativity, wonder, and awe of being a part of the universe. And being more conscious, has an expansive quality to it, also means we can take in all the other experiences, like anger, frustration, boredom, envy and resentment, and be gentle with ourselves and others. This is a key component when looking at consciousness. In Vedanta, a philosophy on non-dualism, everything is one thing and nothing is excluded from it. Any practice, tool, philosophy, experience that expands our consciousness – doesn’t mean we become immune to being human. It’s not a secret weapon in losing our neurosis and personalities, it’s simply a way of harmonising them. We don’t lose things about ourselves, we gain more around the sticky bits, and they loosen their grip.

So, it doesn’t mean blocking out all these things we feel aren’t conscious, and never feeling anger again. Instead it’s understanding why we experienced those emotions at our core in the first place and taking it from there. Consciousness is bringing it into the light, unconscious is keeping it in the dark. Pema Chodron puts it perfectly this way, “If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher.” And I would like to say that even means the person who can drive us crazier than anyone else; ourselves.

What we place our awareness on, will grow. And so when we bring our awareness to our consciousness and the energy permeating everything and everyone, our awareness of it grows. The mind can be an incredible tool, when tuned into the right frequencies. And this is why we created the Enhance Consciousness Module within Enhance. The feedback for this Module has been profound and I can’t explain the joy it brings me to share the things that have made a huge impact on our lives and those of our students that I teach one on one these tools. To now be able to share them with anyone all over the world. So if you do engage with it, I ask you to please share your experiences with me, and please without the ‘I know you’re busy’ beginning. As your expansion is my expansion and vice versa. And I can’t wait to share it together.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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