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L E T T E R – The Creation of Time

Time is something that expands and contracts, as it’s all a perception. Stay with me, I know it sounds a little out there. 

Have you ever noticed how 2 hours on emails can go in a flash? Yet waiting in traffic when late for something important can take seemingly forever. If you’ve been to a fabulous dinner you’ll have noticed it got late rapidly, when you were engaged in great conversation and indulging all the senses. If you have ever had to wait on a diagnosis, for yourself or someone you love, you’ll know how agonising slow time can go. 

How we perceive time, is how time becomes fluid. So when we say I don’t have enough time, we are really saying, I’m not in charge of my minds perception of time, nor my priorities. Once we are really clear on these two things, working out where we put our time becomes more graceful. And from this empowered place comes less anxiety and angst. We know where we are putting our energy in relation to our time. 

Choosing what to say no to, is as important as what to say yes to with our time. It’s one resource that is limited and cannot be replenished. So as Lao Tzu says so aptly, how about we get honest with ourselves and admit, that it comes down to ‘I don’t want to’, when we say we don’t have time. And let’s all drop the boring use of the word ‘busy’ while we are at it.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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