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L E T T E R – The Creative Path

Charles and Ray Eames have been an endless inspiration to me. When I was 19 and studying interior architecture, one of my favourite lecturers introduced me to their philosophy, collaborations, and work. Their thinking, passion, innovation and dedication to living creatively, and Charles’s seemingly constant insistence that Ray was his equal (in times where women in design were not seen as such), lit me up like a bonfire. And here in the second image they are, decades back, hosting a tea ceremony in their huge studio. These guys were always well ahead of the ball, and any medium; sculpture, architecture, painting, writing, graphics, art, toy making, film, collecting, was never beyond their curiosity.

Curiosity is the ability to step into anything with an open mind and is key when it comes to creativity.

The other thing Charles and Ray did was share their challenges. They were very honest about the hardships, the mistakes and the grit of working in the way that they did. What they were up against and where they sometimes lacked support. And this is part of the creative process, some bits are unreal, and more bits than that are not unreal. It’s about getting it not right before you get it right. It’s about instinct and trust and being able to laugh at your failures, and there will be so many. Creativity is feeling angry and frustrated and like throwing your hands in the air. It’s persisting through that, for the sweet joy of when you know you just nailed it. The whole ride is one of learning.

I’ve been so thrilled that our Creativity Module has been so well received within ENHANCE. It’s my personal favourite, which I suppose is like picking a favourite dog, which I mean I would NEVER do…sorry Honey girl…hahaha. But in truth, I simply adore it and a wide grin wrapt on my face when people feel the same way about Enhance Creativity.

I received this message the other day. “Dear Jac, you don’t know me but I had to reach out and say that I have NEVER thought of myself as creative, so I naturally did the Consciousness and Clarity pieces of Enhance first. I just finished my second go through beginning to end of Creativity, and I am completely blown away and have reframed myself as a VERY creative person. I am so thrilled to start living my life differently and with more curiosity about what else might unfold for me. Please keep getting Enhance out into the world, seriously, life-changing”. I wish I was a cooler person than I am and didn’t squeal like a tiny pig about to get fed when I get feedback like this. But I am so freaking proud of what we have created and the impact it’s having and so had to share it with you, because, own your wins!

Read more about ENHANCE here.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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