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L E T T E R – The First Day Of 2019

It’s the first day of 2019. If you woke today bright and alive, brilliant. If you woke hungover as hell and in shame spiral, or perhaps like I used to like to see in the New Year a long time ago, without having slept at all and on a dance floor, that’s okay too. Maybe you’ve already yelled at your kids. Maybe you already cussed and were mean. But we have to stop beating ourselves up so much. Stop the comparison, stop the should having. And definitely we must stop the complaining. Whatever happened in 2018, cannot be changed. It can only be drawn on when we need learnings, but the revisiting should be brief. No wallowing. No desperate clinging.

Let’s make a commitment together, to live for this moment and not all the stuff that happened just before it. How do we truly do it? By getting very clear on who we are, and every day realigning and recalibrating a little more to that which is truly important. It takes gentle work. It takes honesty. It takes integrity and authenticity. It’s going to need a little bravery, and a little kindness. We are going to have to get creative. None of this is going to be in full swing and embraced fully by the end of this week. And if you’re telling yourself it will, let’s have a laugh together. It’s going to take longer than that.

So I invite you to a year of compassion, and creativity and consciousness. As Ram Dass said to me 6 weeks ago, ‘we must all move from the heart, always’.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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