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L E T T E R – The Simplicity of Meditation

Meditation these days is a name for a lot of different things, a lot of which is not meditation. Something can be meditative, like running or swimming, but it’s not meditation. Likewise when someone says ‘I’ll meditate on that’ they usually mean ruminate on it, which is also not actually meditation. Throw in mantras and we all say ‘my mantra in life is this’ meaning something we live by, and we can all agree the whole thing gets rather confusing.

Layer in that there are so many different techniques and ways to practice them. And it gets all the more bewildering. I totally get why people throw their hands up and say ‘meditation is too hard’. If this is you, you need simplicity and expertise. We don’t think band-aids work, nor do we think that meditating 2-5 mins a day, or just on Sundays is going to create long-lasting change.

We teach in person a technique called Integrated Meditation, that’s for people that want to get serious about transforming their lives and want a daily practice.  It’s a mantra-based practice that is done 10-20 minutes twice a day. It’s flexible, resilient and you can do it anywhere, you simply squeeze it into your day. And it creates a transformation that keeps growing with you.

We also teach Enhance, our online program for our existing students that want a boost to their meditation practice, and for students entirely new to meditation and want to enhance their creativity, clarity, and consciousness through 15-minute meditations and detailed education.

Both our programs involve education, tools, and techniques that sit alongside the meditation and community and access to us as teachers for ongoing support. Because it’s one thing to learn something, and another to refine your practice, have help along the way and elevate your experience of the world when you’re not meditating.

Check out Integrated Meditation HERE and Enhance HERE.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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