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L E T T E R – The Tests

In essence, this quote means to surrender to what is, with full acceptance. One of the most challenging things to embody! 

When we have goals and vision boards and things we want to manifest or create, it’s fraught with the hurdles of demanding a timeline, being attached to the outcome and feeling frustrated when it doesn’t go exactly to the plan we made up. 

I like to think of us as collaborators with the universe. That means there’s not just our internal plan, that we created alone, but there’s the plan of the universe for us also. Destiny must be taken into account as well as free-will. Not one over the other, neither bearing more importance, but being of equal measure. 

The hard part is knowing when to be accountable, and take responsibility for what’s going on, and the other part is having the grace to understand that this part is out of our control. I hear this frequently misconstrued. A ‘well I guess the universe had other plans’ resigned approach when in actual fact someone really needed to apply themselves and participate more deeply. And an ‘I am a personal failure’ approach when in fact there were so many factors involved there’s no way personal responsibility can be taken as the only reason it didn’t work out. 

The collaborative approach can be really helpful in sorting through this. When Arran and I collaborate together, we both work hard, want to impress the other, we are diligent and we are frank and honest. We are also compassionate and kind to each other. We try to take responsibility for this stuff that is ours and not wear too much the stuff that isn’t. And yes, we can also get frustrated and terse. We have to wait for the other sometimes and trust when they don’t and surrender when we don’t actually feel like it. 

So when I think of life, and my collaboration with the universe, I try to bring these principles into the game. Not the terse bit of course hehe. But the idea that I am not alone, that there is something else that has my back, that I am not going to get it right all the time, and in the end, it’ll all be okay. This approach allows me to wait for the moments, and be happy with whatever happens. Give it a try.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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