L E T T E R – The Thin Thread Between This Life and The Next – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R – The Thin Thread Between This Life and The Next

David Whyte said,’ How easily the thread is broken between this life and the next’. It’s a beautiful line, isn’t it? For we really have no idea when it will all end. These fragile little bodies, whereby one hit to the incorrect part of us, ends it all. Perhaps it will be a series of cells that turn on us. Or a heart that stops beating. Or a brain that degrades us so suddenly with a little clot, and brings a close to what we think was going to last much longer.

I find it healthy to ponder death. To be aware of it, to feel into it, to recognise every breath as a gift. I try to hold this awareness with me when I am cranky because Arran didn’t do what I asked him. Or because one of the dogs is sleeping on my clean shirt. When my phone battery goes flat at a really important moment. What if this were my last moment, hour or day; would this really matter? It doesn’t always stop me from getting upset but most of the time it gives me a berth of grace and an attitude of gratitude.

For it really is a Grace of God/the universe/nature that we are even here. What if we started living every day like it?

Sent with love,

Jac x