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L E T T E R – The Two Wings

There is a beautiful concept with our meditation technique, about the purpose of twice-daily practice. In a nutshell, it’s that we dip into meditation, and then bring our best selves to the world. Diving past action, then coming into action.

Yogastah Kuru Karmani;  establish in being then perform action/your dharma.

Which in turn is benefitting ourselves to then benefit others. And I adore this quote as ‘wisdom and practice are like the two wheels of the cart’ as it sums up one of the major elements of why we launched Integrated Meditation. It was so that wisdom and knowledge could sit alongside meditation, and daily. We call it the 4% Rule.

We invest 3% of our day meditating for 20 minutes, once in the morning and again another time in the day. In this process, the neural pathways shift, our old outdated paradigms and belief systems loosen a little. Then if we can invest another 1%, just 15 minutes to saturate the mind in wisdom, in something written with consciousness in flow, the whole thing starts to get really powerful. From this place, our being in the world becomes incredible vibrant, alive, fulfilled.

So I encourage you to dive into our IaM Vault and start one of our Integrated Meditation Knowledge Modules, and start putting those tools and techniques into practice. Or sift through our Reading List and pick a book from the Meditation, The Mind and Spiritual Knowledge section and start reading it daily. Or listen to some beautiful teachings of Pema Chodron, or Ram Dass or Adyashanti and so on…dedicate 15 minutes a day to expanding your mind as well as your experience of the world.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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