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L E T T E R – The Unending Creative Process

Last weekend, I hosted with my insanely talented friend Kim Amos a Creativity and Consciousness Workshop at her property, River Hawk Ranch, as part of The Broad Place Byron Bay Retreat. Most of the students entered the workshop a bit suspicious and bewildered claiming, ‘yeah but I am not creative’. Which I hear ALL the time. And which is may I say utter nonsense. 

The thing with creativity is its not just being artistic. It’s being in flow, being open, curious and connected to everything. You don’t need to be a designer to be creative. 

We started the Workshop with our Enhance Creativity Meditation and then used our hands to actually make things. The Creativity Meditation I have designed is the perfect method for creating expansion and removing cortisol which blocks creativity. Additionally, it’s designed to give a happy hormone hit, which also creates more flow. It was the perfect foundation for everyone to get out of their heads and into the moment. (Kim has been doing this meditation every morning since starting Enhance and is utterly in love with it!). Then we moved into the making part. Once everyone had loosened up, I cannot tell you the beautiful creations that were made. One student even said she actually wasn’t into making things, and so she went wandering through the bush and stumbled upon the most beautiful piece of a tree that she brought back. It was the perfect example of the creative process. Sometimes we make, sometimes we find, sometimes we discover. 

If you’re feeling creatively stuck or this old tale of ‘I’m not creative’ is ringing a bell, Enhance is for you. And then alongside the Creativity Module, you also receive Enhance Consciousness and Enhance Clarity. It’s the program that you can dive into whenever you need, customising as you go filled with meditations with purpose as well as education and tools. 

We have had so many ask, and so for 48 hours we’re going to extend the 20% off discount just for you! Go HERE and enter ENHANCE20 now. 

Sent with love,

Jac x

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