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L E T T E R – The Universe Whispers

Underneath all the noise; our intellect, thinking mind, egos, the exterior machinations of society, other peoples opinions, there is a universal truth. It’s what we access when we sit for our Vedic meditation session, diving into the field of creative intelligence, into pure consciousness.

And then after a little dip into this, we bring a part of it with us into our day. It’s always accessible, however when we only engage ourselves with our thoughts, then we know nothing other than that. This is why our daily practice of meditation is so important – as we transcend what we think and what we think we know. Sure, there’s the stress release, the reduction in fatigue, the clarity, the improved mental and physical health, the list is VERY long for the benefits of our practice.

However for me personally, and our long term meditators describe this, it’s increasingly about accessing the deeper truth, that has no voice, and is always present, consciousness.

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