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L E T T E R – The Wild Fevers

I have so many interests and creative outlets I sometimes can’t breath for the joy of it all, and I gasp for more time in which to do them all. As such I’m fascinated when people say to me, yeah I don’t really have any passions or hobbies. It usually always comes with a tone of longing, and the add on of, I don’t know what happened, I used to, but as I got older, I don’t know….and peters out.

My advice when asked, is always to experiment. And take everything lightly, and everything seriously simultaneously. Friends of ours, as well as Arran and I, to give you some ideas, have recently taken up the following (in no kind of order)…

Oil Painting Dogs and Landscapes
Wet Plate Photography
Shibori dying 
Film Making
Podcast creation
Joinery and Furniture Making
Pole Dancing
Researching dolphin habits and patterns 

Creativity is a flow, and when you are back the dam, it can really then flow. In the beginning, though it might be a trickle. But if you experiment enough, something will click. And it’s like being lit up like a whole city. And life cant be lived fully without it. 

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