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L E T T E R – Thinking Kills Creativity

If you’ve ever been working on something and loved it, then over thought it, then doubted it, then felt ill and insecure – you’ll know thinking kills creativity.

The ego also kills creativity and is the source of much of our overthinking. This is where meditation comes in. Every day, we sit, access the source of creativity and consciousness with a little buffer between our soul and our thoughts. Time passes with a constant daily practice and the buffer grows. So over time, we get to choose our thoughts. Negative lousy thoughts get let go and higher grade creative thoughts we engage.

I think it’s one of the huge reasons Integrated Meditation works so beautifully for our students. We teach them a practice they can actually do on their own as a part of their modern lives. And then every day they harvest those results and it just gets better over time. We nourish and feed their minds with lots of extra knowledge and practice through our program. And life gets more inflow, more creative.

If you’re interested in learning, come join a free introductory talk and sit a course with us. We’re teaching over the next few months in Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay and London. It’s life-changing.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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