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L E T T E R – Tips For Fitting In Your Daily Meditation Practice

There is no cookie cutter approach for your Vedic Meditation practice. A twice-daily practice is ideal, and there are some days it’s simply not feasible to get in that second one. I remember a teacher once telling me they couldn’t believe I couldn’t fit it in and it was just a matter of priorities. Which yes, on one hand, is true. But at the time, whilst having a restaurant to run, a communications agency, planning a wedding and having a five year – this was unremarkably taking up a remarkable amount of hours in the day. So when students now say to me ‘I don’t time’ I probe a little to find out if that’s a mindset challenge or a literal one. 

I wanted to share therefore a few things that you can do to create the space to fit it in.

– you can meditate absolutely anywhere, so don’t get precious about needing a special spot. Cars, trains, at work, in that quiet church, on that bench, by that wall. Anywhere you can sit back supported

– let go of the need for it to be ONLY at certain times. I went through that too. I had a tight routine and if it wasn’t met I missed a meditation. Now I just meditate whenever I can! Ideally yes, early morning and mid to late afternoon are great. And when that doesn’t work just get it in there wherever you can

– put your meditation sessions in your Calendar. I call them IaM Sessions, reminding me that I AM A HUMAN BEING before a human doing. 

– on holidays you will need to schedule them in too. It sounds crazy but anyone who has gone on a holiday thinking they’ll have all the time in the world to meditate only to discover that there isn’t enough time in each day knows this! And for anyone that says ‘but I’m on holiday and relaxed why would I meditate??”, please remember that our practice is not about just getting relaxed. It’s about diving into the true essence of ourselves and recalibrating at a deeper level. It’s about touching base with our souls and connecting beyond the thinking mind. And we do that on holidays too.  

Just get in the chair! 

Sent with love,

Jac x

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