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L E T T E R – To Create And Be Of Service

Over the weekend we put out a survey, which was answered by SO many which make me SO very pleased as The Broad Place is there for you, so when you engage, we love it. There are the greatest feedback and insight from you all, so thank you if you took the time to fill it out so we can create a higher grade experience for you! 
What I noted amongst all the answers was a beautiful generosity, so deep it touched me. So many of you commented that you love them and also mentioned you were worried they may take too much of our time, and so if we wanted to reduce them in numbers, you would miss them greatly but understand. 
Which is the damn kindest thing I have to tell you. I thank everyone for their warmth of heart because it touched me so much. 
I love writing the Daily Letters to you, they are not a burden or a challenge for me anymore, and I am deep in flow with them now 8 months into writing them (this being Letter 176 of the year!). And I have learnt so much from the process. I thought I would note a few key learnings, for a range of reasons…
– the above quote inspired me greatly, and I see the Letters as little seeds stimulating thought, and I feel planting seeds of creativity is the greatest way to reap creatively in the long run, hence why doing something creative and conscious every day is of great importance
– when we do something from love (as in sharing experience, knowledge, inspiration, and ideas for nothing in return other than the experience of doing it), rather than from the ego, (what can I get out of this) the abundance is incredible
– that when we truly align ourselves with the laws of nature, live in alignment and live through the divine spirit that flows through each of us, we create from that place, and there is nothing more rewarding
– My friend Jeff said to me that his daily musings are his way of being of service, and I aligned my thinking with his in regards to The Broad Place Letters, and it became the most wonderful daily practice, instead of ‘work to be done’.
So I encourage you to find something you can contribute to the world, a way in which you can be of service, if not daily, then weekly. And commit to it, for as long as you can until it feels like second nature, and then from that place, decide how you want to continue. 
If you haven’t filled out the survey, it’s likely floating in your inbox somewhere, and we are collating all the answers as long as they keep coming in, so thank you for taking the time to invest back.
Sent with love,
Jac x

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