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L E T T E R – To End Comparison

I think we intellectually know this. That copying others is futile in the quest for happiness. That authenticity is key to fulfillment.
So why aren’t we living this fully? Why do we get so stuck? I think it’s because we compare ourselves to others, and in that cycle of comparison we chip away slowly at our confidence. We erode our core understanding of who we are, and we dissolve into confusion.
I think social media is heightening this but it’s always been there for humans, based on our survival instinct. If they have more food than me or sharper tools, they’re more likely to survive. Now though it’s Instagram followers and cars and reputation and housing. 
I have the fortunate position of having insight into a huge array of peoples inner lives. And I can tell you this, everyone is struggling to varying degrees with their humanity and the interaction they have with other humans. Full stop. No matter how ‘spiritual’ they seem, or how rich they are, or famous or in love. Life is challenging in varying ways for everyone and no one’s challenges are above or below another’s.
Knowing this gives us the foundation to throw off the ideas of needing to be like someone else and to put an end to copying and comparison.
Sent with love,
Jac x

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