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L E T T E R – Too Much Movement

When we are constantly moving, it’s so hard to be still. Not still in meditation, still in life. When we are swept up in activity and we eliminate the gaps between activities, we can’t remain grounded. 

For me to counterbalance this movement, I have had to let go of perfection. Of things being just the way I want, and for everything to be at the standard I want. I snap really quickly on my phone instead of agonising over a photo being taken. I post it later rather than deplete the moment. I don’t (I’m sorry haha) really spell check and copy edit these Letters. I smack together some strange dinners and I definitely am not great at tidying up after myself. The list is immense.

And in place of this, I grab little moments of quiet. I lie down. I sit in our garden. I close my eyes for no reason when by myself instead of looking at my phone. I listen to birds. I sit with my face to the sun. 

I don’t want to reduce the gorgeous pace of my life or start saying no to big things, so I say no to little things, and say yes to little moments of stillness. Yes that means I live slightly messily and people always pick me up for my typos and I don’t keep on top of things always, but it means I feel grounded and happy whilst going about my days. We have to remind ourselves that creating moments of stillness is a choice. 

Sent with love,

Jac x

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