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L E T T E R – Treading Our Path Without Distraction

I think writing yesterday’s Letter stirred up a lot for me. I pondered about all the (necessary) distractions I experienced when I lost my way. I was haunted by the ego and how it can take its grip and lead us so far from our heart. Like a relentless feral dog yanking on a leash, sweaty, dragging us away from the place we should in fact be. From the calm, the peace and centered place of ourselves.

Euthymia is a concept I increasingly embrace. The intersection of distractions with our path conjures up beautiful geometry for me. That we get to choose which lines to follow, but not all are meant for us, and sometimes we might scoot for awhile down a path, a line, never intended for us.

Teenagers are a scattering of thin lines, dashing, leaping, trying to find their path. It’s agonising to watch as we get older and more aligned with our own paths. The fruitless searching, and concern for what others think, all the engagements with the distractions, the ego of it all. But we all went through it, some of us are still in it.

What if we all committed to a sense of our own path, and a curious and open alignment with it?

Sent with love,

Jac x

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