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L E T T E R – Truth Telling

Having a teenage daughter, the essence of telling the truth is really up in our grill at the moment. And I am reminded by her all the time about the small ‘white lies’ I myself tell. I’ve no idea when I began to tell tiny untruths as excuses for things. Especially for things that honestly don’t matter. I pride myself on being honest in so many areas. Yet little ones sneak in frequently on things that seriously make no impact – so why lie about them?

I consider excuses to fall under the same category. They’re quite the why bother? Why aren’t we simply honest, or silent? Who are we trying to impress when we make an excuse? How would honesty look instead? Such as ‘I didn’t prioritise creating that document’ or, ‘I don’t feel it’s important so I haven’t yet done it’ or ‘I’m actually just feeling lazy today and so didn’t go to the gym!!’. 

So I am inviting you to join me in a No Excuses No Little Lies challenge. Do it however long you need to re-wire your habit of making excuse and telling fibs about little things. I tell you, once you shine a light on excuses and lying it becomes pretty white hot! I hope you enjoy the process and the discomfort as much as I am.

Sent with love,

Jac x