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L E T T E R – Tuesday Tip; A Potent Experiment

Maharishi used to teach that there were three very important things to living a high-grade life that I’ll abridge here:

1. Always meditate
2. Don’t speak negatively
3. Always speak sweet truth

Sometimes we get confused with ‘not speaking negatively’ and interpret this as not speaking the truth about someone. That’s not what this means. We must try to speak with integrity and authenticity at all times and sometimes this is telling a painful truth if asked a direct question. Not volunteering information when unfrequented. It means:

  • speak with integrity
  • not gossiping
  • ask ourselves ‘does this really need to be said/shared

I always like this one; if this person was in the room would I still say this?

And I really like this little piece by Ram Dass. Documenting what happens is also a great affirmative process.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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