L E T T E R – Tuesday Tips; Healing The Lymphatic System with Jeannie of Venustus – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R – Tuesday Tips; Healing The Lymphatic System with Jeannie of Venustus

I’m going to start experimenting with Tuesday’s being dedicated to a particular study, involving physical health, or a recipe, or on energy etc with tips on how to work with this area/thing. Essentially, things I am studying, learning, experiencing that I want to share with you. This quote I love, because I hope we all take care of ourselves because we are into preventative and an integrated approach, not because we have hit rock bottom. I also recognise I have hit rock bottom a couple of times and it’s when I got serious about my emotional, physical and spiritual health. So whatever gets us there really!

I threw up on Instagram about a lymphatic drainage massage I had at Venustus last week and the response was clear – you definitely want to know more! I fly a huge amount, and this is horrendous on your lymphatic system, as is sitting still in a chair a lot of the day (also me). So this was wonderful to learn more about and I know you’ll feel the same and start restructuring around this information.

I asked Jeannie to share some more information. The Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a treatment they do at Venustus that is an integration of classic drainage and new science and technique and for me, it was an incredible treatment, not just because of how I felt during it, but also after it and more importantly how I have begun thinking about my lymphatic system since. Which is not an area I have in honesty paid huge attention to in the past. I think with what you’ll learn below you will shift your ideas too. Jeannie has also kindly included tips for people that can’t get to Venustus for a heavenly treatment! Also if you can’t get a treatment Jeannie has these rad serums for flying and stimulating the lymphatic system that I can’t wait to use on flights.

A huge thanks to Jeannie for taking time out of her day as a healer and successful boss lady to share all of this!

Some points on the lymphatic system first up from Jeannie.

  1. Lymphatic system is basically your immune system (when working well can fight off daily unwanted toxins).
  2. Lymphatic system is detoxifying any threats to the system – mutated cells (like cancer cells) + environmental pollutants & toxins + bacterial, viral threats.
  3. Lymphatic system controls the volume of fluid circulating in the body – preventing puffiness (fluid retention).
  4. The lymphatic system absorbs fluid so tissue does not swell (fluid retention, bloating).
  5. Congested lymphatic system can lead to serious illness, basically your body’s sewer, is responsible or removing metabolic waste.
  6. The lymphatic system is unable to flow on its own – completely relies on you to move, lack of movement (planes/drives/hospital stays), insufficient water intake, stress, ageing, pollution, can each/all block lymphatic flow blockages over time encourage accumulation of extra fat cells. This prevents nutrients & blood from rejuvenating cells = cellulite, sagging skin, swelling & deposits, which can be resistant to diet & exercise.
  7. Lymphatic system function, to carry, distribute & store fat soluble vitamins & minerals to cells, tissues in the body.
  8. Lymph nodes are constantly filtering things through, sending out white blood cells to neutralise any threats, which is why your lymph node swells up when you are sick.
  9. Getting your lymphatic system functioning properly is key to reversing diseases.
  10. Lymphatic drainage helps speed up recovery in cases of injury, surgery, illness, water retention & more.
  11. Highly function immune system:
    • dry brushing daily
    • organic body blend (lymphatic)
    • exercise regularly
    • stress reduction
    • perspire daily
    • anti-inflammatory diet
    • hydrate
    • non-toxic fabric
    • lymphatic massage
    • pre & post flight lymphatic massage
    • cold rollers in lymphatic direction
  12. Lymphatic system produces lymphocytes to destroy dangerous invaders (affecting immunity, wellbeing & cancer).
  13. When viruses or bacteria enter our body, the lymphocytes become activated, activated lymphocytes produce antibodies to kill microorganisms.
  14. The lymphatic system acts as a body’s drainage system, it collects excess fluid that is surrounding the body’s tissues and organs and returns it to the bloodstream.
  15. The lymph node is constantly filtering & when the body is exposed, sends out white blood cells to neutralise the thread & then flushes it through the system.
  16. Lymphatic flow can block and cause fluid retention – puffiness.
  17. Stress, ageing, pollution, flying and lack of stimulation can compromise the Lymphatic system, lymphatic flow can be blocked, it can detour, or cause swelling in the surrounding tissue.
  18. The lymphatic system is one of the most important systems.
  19. The lymphatic system protects us from infection & disease.
  20. The lymphatic system maintains fluid balance & removes toxins from our bodies.
  21. The lymphatic system is unable to flow on its own – it’s completely up to you.

Tips To Care For Your Lymphatic System

This is how to keep the lymphatic system of the body activated.

  • Morning and evening; please dry brush in long flowing stroking movements towards the lymph nodes, groin, underarm shower and while body is still wet, apply jet set body serum No 1. (designed to stimulate the lymphatic system), when finished, please move over to No. 2. NOTE FROM JAC – I have been spending WAY too much time dry scrubbing, I learnt it’s actually swift movements and only a few on each part of the body. It’s called dry body scrubbing, but it should be called gentle swift body scratching!
  • Sacred space is for creating stillness, calm and sacred space at work, home, and anywhere you are… (nothing to do with Lymphatic, but really required now in today’s modern world).
  • Crystals in meditation and when feeling you need help energetically.
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and flush toxins through the lymphatic system.
  • Exercise and move your body as much as you can to keep the lymphatic system stimulated and not stagnant.

The Venustus Treatment if you’re keen Read More HERE

High Definition Bodywork is where we are contouring and defining your body.  High Definition is grounded in Lymphatic massage techniques.  Designed for immediate results, yet long term benefits.

The immediate visual results come from activating the Lymphatic System. By stimulating the lymph nodes you begin moving the tissue, the excessive amount of water & toxins get into the vessels, ultimately becoming lymph and eliminated.  Also the vigorous massage (Contouring) increases blood circulation & assists with fat metabolism.

Long term benefits include activating and stimulating the lymphatic system.  Facilitating water and toxins, to eliminate.  Reducing Inflammation & cellulite.  Increasing the metabolism in the area being massaged.  Increasing blood circulation.

High Definition Massage:
Begins with dry brushing techniques towards the main lymph nodes. Techniques grounded in lymphatic drainage to activate the lymphatic system. Movement direction is toward the lymph nodes to stimulate the lymphatic system. Kneading and rolling the skin assisting in removing toxins/fats through the lymphatic system.

High Definition Massage is contouring & defining the muscles. Tools are used to contour and define the body.
The type of pressure varies throughout the treatment.​

Sent with love,

Jac x

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