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L E T T E R – Vitality At What Cost

Fear drains vitality. There’s always some lurking fear around everything – that is getting the wrong diagnosis.

I have had more conversations in the last week than ever with students, where if we dove down, we could after a bit of peeling back (uncomfortable yes) find the fear sitting under all the other fears. They all can be summarised in the same way – ‘I am not enough’. Not loveable enough. Not ‘insert anything here’ enough. And funnily – well it was funny each time once we worked it out – everyone DID think they were enough. So where does this subconscious nonsense come from? The exact moment? Who knows. It’s decades-old usually.

When allowed it to lie there manifesting underneath it all though, unidentified and not brought into the light, that little shadow can get mighty dark in moments of crisis and drive us into all sorts of crazy. The result is we are dim and not vital.

So, if we want vitality then we need to not just add up our fears but look at the one that set them all in motion and stop identifying with it. And to reinforce new ways of thinking around it. So what would absolute vitality look like to you?

Sent with love,

Jac x

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