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Letter from Jac – What are you repeatedly doing?

The brain is so remarkably plastic that we can quite easily wire in all sorts of habits, responses, and reactions. This can work for us, or it can work against us, depending on our awareness and our discipline. Use the next 48 hours as a little research assignment, and check in on all your habits, just noting them, not branding them good or bad. Anything that strikes you as something you don’t want to keep up, make a note of it. 

Then for the following 7 days, replace that habit with something else. For example, looking at your phone before bed – keep it out of the room and read a book. Eating standing in the kitchen, instead make a plate, present it beautifully and sit down to enjoy it fully. Copping out of exercising by not doing it first thing. Not responding to the important emails because you’re checking the news. Due to the brain’s plasticity, if you start with small but meaningful changes, more and more will come naturally along with them. Work that in your favour.

With love,

Jac x

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