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L E T T E R – What Will You Choose?

The glass half empty mentality we all know, but do we actually live glass half full. Every moment. Is everything a gift and an opportunity, or do we see much of it as a punish and a burden?

Are you ‘highly engaged’ or ‘sooooo busy?

Are you ‘going through a learning phase’ or ‘failing at everything’?

Are you experiencing seasonality in your relationship, ‘having a Winter’ and grateful to have someone to share it with, or is ‘my relationship dull and unfulfilling right now’?

Are you being ‘encouraged to get creative’, or ‘financially struggling’?

Are you overwhelmed with your role as a parent, or grateful to not be struggling with infertility?

Are you physically challenged and using this as an opportunity to work with fear and pain, or are you ‘sick as a dog and utterly over it?

Are you meditating with flexibility and grace and fitting it in where you can, or do you suck at meditating full stop?

We’re making the whole thing up with our minds anyway, so we may as well at least choose something interesting, curious and full of potential than negative, self-pitying and abrasive.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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