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L E T T E R – Why Indeed, Yes You Can

At the karate tournament last week, I saw a man with one leg compete. He stood on the side of the mats, with crutches, and I thought ‘poor guy must have hurt his foot’, as I couldn’t see him fully. Then he hopped, literally on one leg, along the rim of the mats, to the centre, bowed, and hopped into the centre, in front of 6 judges and a crowd of thousands. Hopping where we would normally step, black belt, he did his whole kata routine (Kata is a sequence of techniques to fight). 

Even with one leg, he was incredible. Strong, agile, fierce. It was hard to believe what I was seeing. Doing kata is exhausting, intense and hard enough with two legs. And here he was, fit as an ox, having travelled to Okinawa to compete, with half of what the rest of us have to work with. I had so many questions. Had he always trained with one leg? From the beginning? Or was he already a student of karate and had the accident and decided to continue? When he completed his kata, and bowed, the clapping was thunderous. I burst into tears as the whole thing was just so overwhelming. Against the odds, here he was, and he scored really well, not that that was the point. 

So this week, or month, or however long we want to continue to tell ourselves it’s too hard, or we don’t have enough time, or let’s wait until the kids are older, or we don’t have enough something, let’s all commit to just shutting our traps, and continuing on fiercely, however we can, without the excuses and DEFINITELY without the pity party.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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