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L E T T E R – You Do You Baby

What if taught all our kids that normal was beige, nothing to aspire to, and to totally and utterly embrace their inner weird? What if as adults we started to be the living example of this?

There’s a line we repeat constantly in our house, from Netflix series Big Mouth, which is ‘you do you baby’. It usually comes out when I am wearing a bathrobe to the beach, or a kimono to a school event, or when our daughter is doing something we don’t kind of agree with due to our ideals/ideas that really doesn’t harm anyone if she does it so why care, or when Arran decides in a frenzy that the entire garden must be maintained at a very strange hour etc etc…

It’s become our little phrase of acceptance, a little sentence of ‘and I love you in spite of it and also because of it’.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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