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L E T T E R – Your Choosing

I am trying hard to help my daughter be empowered to make the choices that are right by her. To check in and ask, when I am with this person, how do I feel? How do I act? How do I feel after they have left? 

If the answer is confident, inspired, accepted, authentic or happy, then keep playing with them. If the answer is bitchy, negative, mean, and ashamed, EVEN if only a little bit, then leave that friendship at the door. 

I didn’t understand this option for such a long time. I wasn’t proactive in seeking out deeply when I was at my best, and when I was not, and taking into account the impact of the people around me. Especially in circles or communities that on the surface are meant to be uplifting, but can anything but that deep down. 

Ignoring sounds harsh sometimes, but it’s also at times the only path to take, to stay alive and vibrant. Especially when it’s someone we can’t actually remove from our lives. Think of ignoring as a shield of awareness of not being triggered by that person. Not being activated into your worst self. Put your attention on that which lights you up, and makes you feel alive and well, over that which drags you down. 

As today is December 3rd and we move into the holiday and family time, this can be helpful to cultivate early on, not starting the evening before we go home for the holidays. 

Sent with love,

Jac x

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