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L E T T E R – Your New Vital Daily Tool; Power Down Hour

We have been preaching this from the rooftops for years, it’s a tool within our 7 Day Mind Cleanse and something we suggest all our Integrated Meditation students do every morning with their morning meditation sitting with this zone. Due to its ridiculous simplicity and immense success, we have committed to including it within Enhance also. This tool is called Power Down Hour and it’s your daily Tool to unblock fog and distraction and enhance Clarity.

This is your daily digital disconnect. We cannot express how utterly VITAL this is! Find an hour at least once a day (bonus points for twice a day) when you detach from your devices. That’s no TV, no ipads, no extra emails on your desktop, no scrolling, no phone at all, no gaming. Pretend you are in your grandparents era. Instead engage in literally anything else that you can do without being on a device such as going to a studio and taking a yoga class, taking a walk, going to the beach, stretching, meeting a friend for coffee, cooking a meal or reading a book. Or just sitting still. Your Power Down Hour, even implemented once will give your brain and mind the break it craves and instantly lift brain fog. When you do it regularly, and consistently at the same time every day, transformative change comes. You deserve a break, and to bring you back to yourself. Then you get to bring that better version of you to the world, less distracted, more present, more connected (in the right ways!).

The greater the community you have around you enhancing their lives, the greater the power of transformation. Please feel free to forward this onto absolutely anybody that might be under pressure right now, to help them enhance their clarity. We also have the private Forum for Enhancers so you can connect with our community and us on there too within the Enhance Program. Due to demand, we are still continuing our launch offer of 20% off Enhance, simply add in ENHANCE20 as your code on Checkout. 

And remember, like attracts like, the more clarity you have the more you gain! 

Sent with love,

Jac x

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