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Letter from Jac – A simple profound tool that will enhance your sleep by 30%

High stress levels, fatigue and emotional overwhelm are in abundance these days and on the downside, these things affect our mood, skin quality, our digestion, and our bodies, and sadly, our productivity and inspiration levels. On the upside, there is a lot we can do to manage stress and overwhelm and increase the vitality of our minds and body overall. You know I am on the regular highlighting mantra based meditation – because I know the incredible results – but I also wanted to share with you over the coming weeks other amazing things you can integrate into your life.

When we are ‘stressed’ – a blanket term I am going to use to describe here anxious, overwhelmed, tired, cranky and irritable – we increase stress related hormones. These have a domino effect in that they disrupt our mood, our sleep, our digestion and they attract MORE stress hormones! So we become like little mice in a spinning wheel of stress. To exit this spinning wheel, I am going to lay out some really simple, implementable tools you can use to boost your mood, your joy, your sleep and your digestion. Because, there is no single magic pill we can take, but an accumulation of multiple bases we can cover over the coming weeks.

Poor quality sleep affects your mental health, physical health, and if long term, actually also makes you put on weight. If you want quality sleep, employ Power Down Hour at night. An hour before bed, ensure you put down ALL technology! I recommend setting an alarm as a reminder for the first few weeks until you build the habit. You will increase the quality of your sleep by 30% if you Power Down the hour before bed, and this will make a huge difference in your mood, but also boost your happy hormones and improve the quality of many facets of your life.

If you know anyone suffering from poor sleep at the moment, be sure to share this with them. In the beginning it’s fascinatingly hard to implement, but once you’re up and going, without tech that hour before bed, you won’t believe you ever were so hyper engaged with it before bed before hand!

With love,

Jac x

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