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Letter from Jac – All that is on!

We have an enormous amount on at the moment, and frankly, it’s just the way I like it. A full plate forces one to sharpen one’s mind, make wiser decisions and cut the fat and BS from most situations. I relish these opportunities to do so! So I wanted to in this Letter share with you some tips, if you also have a full plate, and then also map out all the exciting things we have on so that you can get involved if you wish! 

Firstly, the more pressure you have in life, the more vital it is to meditate, exercise, eat well, and get a decent sleep. These foundations are usually the very first to slip! Yet, they are the base for all the creativity, innovation, and stamina we need to get through a high-pressure time. So make them a non-negotiable. Naturally, other sacrifices will have to be made in order to fit these things in. But if you truly want to thrive, and not drag your sorry arse to the finish line, schedule your self-care. 

Secondly, mindset is everything. If you create a narrative that you’re losing your mind and are overwhelmed, guess exactly what you will get…overwhelm and a fractured mind. So each day set yourself up with congratulating yourself on the various things that are going well, no matter how small. Then work out one thing you can do that day to be of service to someone else. When we are stressed we naturally centre drama on ourselves, so getting out of that space and into the helping others space is vital.

Thirdly, find gratitude everywhere you can, and celebrate all the wins. When we are under the pump we can tend to focus on ALL THE THINGS that are still yet to be done, and not experience a sense of achievement on what has been achieved. Every day take a moment to celebrate each small thing that was attended to, each t crossed and I dotted and recognise the progress and be grateful.

Now, onto The Broad Place, and I am going to put these in chronological order! Some notes first though

– you can learn with us remotely from anywhere in the world with our online Portal and a membership that costs as little as a coffee a week…sign up and begin your journey with Mindfit and all our programs HERE.

– if you wish to book any Workplace Workshops, please note that I am not hosting any during the first three weeks June, but have a few spots in May, and resume again in July. These are a remarkable reset for your team, and we create outcome focussed learning experiences based on your needs.

– I have only a few spots left for One on One Mentoring at the moment, so if you’re interested please get in touch. 

– I am currently interviewing intakes for our November Meditation Teacher Training and the people signing up are all amazing, and from a huge range of different areas – HR, coaches, therapists, practitioners of varying industries physical and mental, as well as creatives, yoga teachers and more! If you would like an information pack and a call with me please contact info@thebroadplace.com.au


Tues 26th May – Our Mindfit Meditation Meeting is online for all our Mindfit meditators, with me personally, enrol HERE.

Mon 2nd May – I’m launching my new book the 14 Day Mind Cleanse with Vashti Whitfield at Gertrude and Alice in Sydney please join us HERE.

Mon 9th May – Our online Integrated Meditation Meeting is happening, and as a student of ours in Vedic/Integrated/TM you can join us HERE.

Monday 9th May – our 21 Day Meditation Challenge is starting! For all our Annual Portal Members and this round, you get to invite a friend for free so you can move through it together. Enrol HERE.

Fri 13th – Sun 15th May –  Jo is teaching a course in Integrated Meditation, you can enrol HERE, and Jo has ongoing monthly courses.

Fri 20th-Sun 22nd May – I am teaching my last course in Integrated Meditation online for a few months HERE! Love you to join me if you wish to learn this practice HERE.

Tues 14th June – I’ll be in London hosting a special Advanced Workshop for all our meditators! Read more and enrol HERE.

Wed 15th -Fri 17th June – I’ll be teaching a weekday midday course in Integrated Meditation in Camden, London, you can enrol HERE.

Friday 17th – Sun 19th June – I’ll be teaching a weekend course in Integrated Meditation in Notting Hill, London, you can enrol HERE.

Hope to see you at some of these soon! 

Jac x