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Letter from Jac – An open, expansive mind

I’ve begun studying art at art school, just 1-2 days a week, and yesterday was my first day. It’s amazing that excitement of a fresh start isn’t it? With the deep discomfort of being a beginner, and of trying something you know is going to push you deeply, and upset your ego immensely! Dale, my teacher said something yesterday which resounded with me – that he hopes we never stop learning. He explained, if we want a painting in our house, it’s much more affordable, less stressful and painful, to simply buy a painting. The process though of creating a painting is one of learning, and that’s exactly why we are here. And that all the great painters never, ever stopped learning. They didn’t reach a point and say, well that’s me cooked. They continued to throw themselves deeply into the throw’s of learning, as uncomfortable as it is. I can’t tell you my exhaustion at being astounded by my ability to see something, (a paper bag crumped with two bread rolls in it) and my hand not corresponding in recreating that set up with oil paints! I’m sure you know the feeling. You see it YET you cannot somehow get it on the canvas. 

I was asked recently why after 20 years I still continue to study spirituality with master teachers and deepen my practice, they queried ‘hadn’t I had enough by now?’. I hope I’ve never had enough of the expansive process of learning in all areas of my life, but especially when it comes to spirituality. The understanding of oneself and other humans and our reason for being, for me is endless.

This year, I recommend you continue to deepen your learning. Or perhaps if it’s something that has become stagnant for you, or something you’ve let lag, jump back in. It doesn’t matter what you learn, truly. Just open up your neural pathways to new experiences and watch it flow over into every area of your life. 

Some recommendations from me;
– learn Integrated Meditation with us live anywhere in the world online, or in-person in Australia
– join Masterclass and study topics on things you know little about
– Our friends at Creature Yoga offer some beautiful courses on yoga, chanting, and philosophy 
– Learn how to write creatively with Nina Karnikowski, who has now opened up private mentoring sessions
– I personally find School of Life a little obvious, but nonetheless, there are some great beginners classes here

Sent with love,

Jac x

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