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Letter from Jac – Combatting Stress with Inspiration Part 1

I know this to be true – when I am stressed, I am flat and uninspired. And I can usually remedy that feeling of stress with learning, gaining clarity and immersing myself for a moment in time, with the things that make me inspired. The irony is, when I am stressed, my subconscious belief systems scream ‘are you JOKING, we don’t have time for that right now’ as they’re on hyper drive. Do you find the same? That when you are the most under pressure that you’re dropping the good stuff? Do you find it hard to get back into alignment? Good news is there are some clear things you can do about it. Including very simple things. 


Carve out a chunk of time to disconnect from tech, and reconnect to your real self. I like to turn my phone off, sit outside, or read a book, walk the beach, or go for a serious hike. Spend some time in a book store. A literal date with myself to do the things I love, that my strung out stressed self will insist I don’t have time for. The reward for an hour or two invested creates such a huge mindset shift.


It doesn’t have to be a tricky advanced Diploma or Masters course, you could join our 75-minute Masterclass, or sit our simple Be Your Best Self course online at your own pace. Learning helps the brain create new neural pathways, improves memory and more. Your brain is mostly made up of about 85 billion neurons. That’s more than the stars seen in the sky. And a neutron is a messenger, and when engaged, create neuroplasticity. Meaning, you have more flexibility, patience and creativity. Learning isn’t just about ‘acquiring’ new information, it’s working on so much more than that in each second.

And if you do want to really commit to your neuroplasticity and clarity, The Portal which is our signature membership will give you a years worth of learning at your own pace across many areas. For as little as $5/week! Enrol HERE

If you’re keen to learn with us, and need a hand on where to start, don’t hesitate to email us back. We would love to help.

I’ll be back coming days with more tools and tips.

With kindness,

Jac x

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