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Letter from Jac – It’s never too late to learn

Often people wait awhile to learn to meditate. It feels like something that can be learnt later, or when life gets really challenging, people tend to engage then. Thankfully it’s never too late to learn. But most of our students on learning Integrated Meditation wish they had done it earlier. Because it’s the emotional resilience and clarity we need WHEN the challenge hits us that we call on the seeds that we sowed earlier. It’s like a muscle that is built up over time. Attempting to look our best for our wedding day doesn’t begin the morning of the wedding. We recognise it starts earlier. It’s a process, a sequence. Imagine if we looked at our spiritual and emotional health in the same way. If we were instead priming ourselves for the best and the worst days? Anticipating and looking forward to all of it? Meditation is the daily discipline that helps with the everyday, and the big and the small in between.

With love,

Jac x

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